What’s the best way to care for a Scindapsus?

Scindapsus is very easy to take care of. They’re not picky plants and can also thrive for a long time in Dutch living rooms or offices. Read some care tips below.


A Scindapsus’ root ball should always be slightly moist, so make sure the soil doesn’t dry out. How much water you need to give the plan depends on a number of factors, such as the plant’s size, light intensity, and temperature. The plant can cope with less water in winter.


You may spray Scindapsus from time to time, but it’s not absolutely necessary. What you should do is dust the plant every now and then – it’ll look fresher in an instant.

Plant feed

Just like any other houseplant, Scindapsus benefits from a bit of nutrition. All it needs is liquid food every two weeks. In the periods when the plant’s growth slows down, you can even get away with very little nutrition: just once a month.


If you care for your Scindapsus properly, the plant will continue to grow. When it does, it will need a bigger pot (about every two or three years) Scindapsus is safe to repot, as long as you’re careful with the fragile roots.

Location in your home

Scindapsus’ natural habitat is the jungle – it’s a climber that relies on other plants and trees. It doesn’t like direct sunlight, so a light spot (possibly in half shade) is also fine. The plant may even thrive in a dark spot in your home or office, but you’ll notice that the leaves will turn dark. Make sure to maintain a minimum temperature of 20 degrees (during the day).