Golden pothos: a golden oldie

This is one of the oldest plant varieties in the collection. And yet it continues to be a fashionable item! Its golden look also makes the Golden Pothos one of the most distinctive Epipremnum varieties. With its green, heart-shaped leaves, marbled with yellow threads, the plant is a gem to behold. A 24-karat addition to any purchaser’s collection.

The Golden Pothos has its origins in southeast Asia. In the past, the generic name ‘Pothos’ was classified under the name ‘Pothos aureus’. In the wild, this plant is known for its extraordinary climbing ability, as its known to nearly completely overrun trees. But this plant is also extremely suitable for use as a houseplant. It merely needs to be trimmed here and there, just to keep things in check. This plant can also purify the air. Combine that with its reputation as one of the easiest-to-care for houseplants, and the choice is made! Because this one is anything but high-maintenance.

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pot size 12 and 15 cm

Visibility and shape

The Golden Pothos’ roots don't just climb hedges, such as ivies. You can also place them on a stalk outside, where they’ll provide wonderfully decorative ornamentation. Although most plant lovers prefer to keep their Golden Pothos trimmed rather short in its environment, you’ll discover that this plant grows very fast, and very long. If you would prefer to allow this plant to grow to its full potential, however, you can accomplish this by fixing hooks in the ceiling or along the walls, and letting it hang. Or would you rather have the Golden Pothos as a standing plant? If so, then you must take into account the fact that this plant grows quickly and the leaves tend to get entangled in one another. You need to shake them apart now and then to prevent this.

The Pothos - keep it healthy

Caring for your Golden Pothos is very easy. This is a very tolerant plant and we therefore recommend it to beginner plant lovers who do not yet know quite so much about the ideal growing environment for houseplants, in this case that of the Pothos. This is what makes this plant an excellent choice. In addition, the Golden Pothos is pest-free in most cases. It can happen now and then that they become infected with mealybugs. Insecticide soap will help with this, but the simplest method is to wet the insects with a cloth that's been dipped in alcohol. Before placing the Golden Pothos in your house, it is important to know that this plant can be toxic to house pets such as cats and dogs, so if your four-footed friends are accustomed to chewing on things lying on the floor, you should put the plant someplace where it will be out of their reach.

How to care for your Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is a splendid plant in all its simplicity. It does not flower and you can choose the colour you prefer. The hanging stems and heart-shaped leaves will look just beautiful on a shelf or in a hanging basket. In addition, you can easily reproduce this plant by cutting it. All in all, this is a wonderful plant to own. Thanks to the Golden Pothos, anybody can own a plant, whether they have green thumbs or not. A few tips for the beginners among us:

  • The Golden Pothos likes light, but it doesn’t like direct sunlight. You should place it in the partial shade for this reason.
  • Let the soil dry between waterings, but if the leaves begin to hang, then it’s time to add a little extra water.
  • Any good mix of potting soils that allows water to percolate will suffice. Add fertilizer every couple of months for best results.

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