Who is Sentinel?

Sentinel. Green, durable and innovative. The leading nursery in the Netherlands for the Scindapsus. A very particular plant, originally of indigenous origin, with a particularly striking characteristic: it purifies the air wherever it grows. Our company engages in private cultivation and works closely with its sister nursery in Uganda which, under Dutch management, produces sturdy cuttings.

We have been growing this tropical houseplant since 1987. Innovation finds its expression in logistics and new cultivation systems, as well as in pioneering concepts. You can find all the information you desire regarding the plant, its different types and characteristics, as well as our cooperation with Uganda on this website!

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The natural air purifier

The Scindapsus is renown for its high capacity for purifying the air, a sensational characteristic. NASA research has shown that the Scindapsus breaks down poisonous substances that occur in all households, offices and schools; it reduces the amount of formaldehyde present in any room. In addition, the plant produces more oxygen than do most green plants, thereby contributing significantly to improved air humidity.

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Work at Sentinel

We regularly post vacancies in our nursery. We are an ambitious company and the plants we grow are very close to our hearts, as are our employees. We believe a good work environment and the ability to work as a team to be of great importance. Perhaps you’d like to get to work while you're engaged in studies, in which case you are more than welcome to join our company.


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