Scandens: the most beautiful green ever!

How green do you like it? Well, it doesn’t get much greener than the Scandens. Each plant is a bright green jungle of leaves, pure nature. And, of course, we make sure that each Scandens – just like the rest of the Philodendron family – is cultivated to last – and to make every purchaser happy!

The Philodendron family consists of hundreds of plant varieties. But we can say with great confidence that the Scandens is the hardiest of all. This is especially because the Scandens does not necessarily have to be hung up near the window, or anywhere near the window, for that matter. This plant can thrive equally well in locations with less light. You can keep your Scandens just about anywhere, whether you like it standing or hanging.

This beautiful plant has a very noticeable characteristic: its very intense green colour! Its beautiful, fresh green colour is what makes the Scandens such a versatile eye-catcher, and it will adorn any interior, whether in private homes or offices or public spaces. With its deep green colour, the plant provides ambience and, moreover, it purifies the air.

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pot size 12 and 15 cm


It really doesn’t make much of a difference whether you hang your Scandens up or let it climb. But you always have to take into account the amount of direct sunlight it receives. You can place the plant in a shadowy place or someplace with a lot of light, provided the leaves of the Scandens are not exposed to direct sunlight. If this happens, then you’ll have to deal with burnt leaves, and we’d prefer to spare you this experience. We recommend that you water this plant just once a week during the winter and, during the summer, twice per week. Of course, you must check regularly to see if the plant actually needs water, because this is another plant that doesn’t like to have wet roots. The soil should feel somewhat dried out to the touch between waterings.


The Scandens originally comes from the forests of Central America. These are warm, humid regions. But this plant will feel equally at home in your living room. The Scandens is one of the most convenient plants you could ever imagine. In 1853, this green plant was first provided with a description and a name. The Latin name Scandens was chosen due to the way the plant grows. The word means: ‘climbing’. And it fits. The Scandens is indeed a climbing plant. But we also like to keep it as a hanging plant. In its natural environment, the Scandens can grow to a length of up to twenty metres. This won't happen at home or in your office, however, but it's a clue as to how fast this plant does indeed grow. Trimming therefore becomes an option. All you have to do is choose the vines you want to cut, and trim these using a clean set of shears. Which you can just cut later on.

Such pretty colours!

When you meet the Scandens, it will be love at first sight. Not only does this plant have heart-shaped leaves that feel like velvet to the touch. It also possesses a surprising characteristic. It changes colour depending on the light it’s in, and these colour changes can vary from deep green to solid purple. It will surprise you all day long with new colours.

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