Global Green: Elegant and sturdy

The Global Green is a member of the Epipremnum family. The Global Green seeks to conquer the world with its leaves, hence its name. All varieties within the Epipremnum category have a beautiful, tinted leaf structure.

Lush green is the main colour, which gives the plant its rugged appearance. Beautiful, light green textures adorn the leaves. And each leaf has additional colour shading. Intriguing – and impossible to avert your gaze! With the sun’s rays dancing about the room, it seems as though the lighter shade of green in the leaves is emitting light. It’s a beautiful, rich plant that will draw attention and lend elegance to any room.

As with all Epipremnum varieties, the Global Green has heart-shaped, satin-soft leaves with air-purifying qualities that help reduce the amount of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and benzene in the plant’s environment.

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pot size 12 and 15 cm


Just like the other members of this family, the Global Green originated in the tropical rain forests of southeast Asia. There, the plants thrive in a climate with a high degree of humidity, in combination with little light. House plants that originally come from the tropical rain forest are generally well-suited for our home and office environments.
Accustomed as they are to high trees with canopies that block out the light, as in the primeval forests where they originate, these plants can be placed in a location where they will receive little light. In their own habitat, they often climb upwards in order to reach the sunlight, nevertheless. They accomplish this thanks to their roots, which help them to grasp the trees. The plant can thus be kept as a hanging plant and as a standing plant. The plant is extremely strong, originally a member of the Araceae family.

Grooming and Maintenance

All Epipremnum varieties, such as the Aureum, the Golden Pothos, the Happy Leaf and the Marble Queen, are very easy to care for. Taking good care of this plant is no trouble at all. Be sure to avoid placing the plants too close to a hot radiator or in the direct sunlight, because they won't appreciate this at all. If, on the other hand, they receive too little light, the leaves will grow darker. Too much light will cause the plant to produce leaves of a lighter colour, and perhaps even brown specks. This is how the plant tells its owner something’s wrong. Give it a little lukewarm water once a week and make sure the soil it's in hasn’t dried out. This is more than enough care, and it will allow you to enjoy your beautiful house plant for many years to come. In the springtime, you can give the plant a little extra food every now and then, to encourage its growth and to keep it strong.

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