Cultivating Scindapsus sustainably

For obvious reasons, Sentinel is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. We’ve taken a huge range of measures to reduce our use of fossil fuels and protect our natural environment.

Low energy consumption

We keep our energy consumption low thanks to solar panels on the roof that provide 20% of our total electricity. Because we use LED lighting, our lamps can run on less power. And because our greenhouse is a closed greenhouse, we can utilize some smart solutions. This includes a gas incinerator, which supplies our plants with CO2 and the surrounding buildings with electricity. Having a closed greenhouse mean we can control how much CO2 escapes.

Economical with water, kind to nature

These days, water is too precious a resource to waste. And because the water also contains nutrients, we recycle it. But we try to be kind to nature, too. For example, if we have to use products on our plants, we make sure they’re not harmful to bees. Although we’re not officially a 100% organic nursery, the fact that birds sometimes nest in our greenhouses is proof that the difference is small. And the little waste that is generated by our growing operations is sorted appropriately.

Our certifications

The certifications we have obtained prove that we are serious about our corporate social responsibility:

  • MPS-GAP: covers health, safety, and well-being of employees, environment and environmental management, product traceability, healthy plant material, soil management, integrated plant protection, irrigation, harvesting, and fertilization.
  • MPS-SQ: covers fair negotiations, zero discrimination, good contract conditions and pay, leave, medical care, and documentation

We are also MPS A certified.